The finale of the Fourth Great Ninja War has brought about a new era.
This new era is led by Naruto, who freed all the tailed beasts and united the villages.
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 Item/Weapon Rules V1

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Faye Ashikimoto


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PostSubject: Item/Weapon Rules V1   Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:50 pm

[Armour to follow later]

Item rules

Items include everything from sealing scrolls and smoke bombs to healing pills and weapons.

- All items should have appropriate costs, drawbacks, and/or limitations.
- All items on the user combined cannot boost any of the user's maximum stats by more than 50 per area. Any extra will be ignored. [This means your stat cap for each area is effectively 150, and NOTHING can break/override this]
-Items with a damage stat in any form, even if only through an ability, count as weapons.

----Inventory Sizes----

All items have an inventory size.
This is a number reflecting how large the item in question is.
It would be fairly unreasonable for a sword to take up less space than a needle, unless the sword has a way of shrinking or folding up somehow to be smaller. Even then, it is unlikely the sword will ever be as small as the needle.

A person's maximum inventory size/capacity for their own person is 100. (You can have more stored away, and not equipped or carried)

For comparison purposes, the Samehada has an inventory size of 70 whilst a senbon has a size of 2.

----Item Stats----

Each item needs to have a health stat, to determine how much damage it can take before being rendered broken and unusable.
- The base amount is: 1
- The maximum amount is: 200
If jutsus or other weapons hit your items, then the damage amount of the jutsu or other weapon is simply taken from your item's health instead of your own.

If an item has a damage number, it must be mentioned whether this is as a boost to basic attacks, or if thrown. Abilities that can do damage should have all their relevant details there instead.

----Item Abilities----

- All weapons require 1000 words of training per ability at minimum before the weapon is allowed in combat, the exception being items usable only once, like healing pills.

- Items cannot have more than 3 abilities.
- Some abilities will be required to deplete one of the user’s stats at some point related to their usage. (The stronger the ability, the greater the drawback.)
- You may boost your stats slightly with an item's abilities (but never more than 50 per area - even if multiple items are being used that boost stats, your stat limit is 150 per area.)
- Each individual stat area change will count as an ability for the item.

---Item Pricing---

- Each ability an item has increases the price of the item by 1000, possibly more depending on the strength of the ability.
- For items available to everyone, prices should instead be based on their relative value to other items in the ninja shop.

Item Registration Form:




[color=#FF9933]Health:[/color] (min 1, ignore if one-time consumable)


[color=#FF9933]Inventory Size:[/color]
[color=#FF9933]Physical Size:[/color]

[color=#FF9933]Ability 1:[/color]
[color=#FF9933]Ability 2:[/color]
[color=#FF9933]Ability 3:[/color]

[color=#FF0000]Total Price:[/color]

Last edited by Faye Ashikimoto on Wed Dec 24, 2014 5:17 pm; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : Removed arbitrary item pricing (10 per ability), modified more wording.)
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Item/Weapon Rules V1
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