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 Shiva Hyuuga

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Shiva Hyuuga


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PostSubject: Shiva Hyuuga   Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:20 pm

Character Name: Shiva Hyuuga
Character Age: 17

Body Appearance:  Shiva is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches tall.  She weighs approximately 115lbs.  Being incredibly slender, she moves as if she is constantly gliding on air as she moves from place to place.  Her eyes staying with the Hyuuga blood line are pale white.  Her hair is of shoulder length and has an auburn quality.  She has incredibly white teeth that seem to catch a sparkle when she smiles at individuals.  Normally she has a cute smile on her face, and a tendency to wrinkle her nose when she laughs.  She also has a tendency to move her head to one side when speaking to people, giving her a constant quizzical look.  Her movements as she flits from place to place are like the waves as the move through the ocean.  Each movement fluid and with purpose.  Even her fighting style is moved in a beautiful way, as the shifting tides are moved this way and that pulled by the moon lit gaze of her eyes.
When first greeting a person she often starts with a bow, and taking a respectful stance.  Her movements even display that of respect often letting others move before her, or speak before her.  Shiva has a pale complextion, but rather than sickly it is more ivory.  However upon her body generally hidden by her clothes are multiple burns that besmirch her porcelain tone.

Basic clothing appearance:  Her clothes are generally the same.  Her sparring and every day wear is a white tunic with maroon trim around the button up front and around the cuffs.  She wears a maroon skirt with tight black shorts underneath to prevent embarrassing moments in spars and trainings.  SHe wears a head band around her forehead that resembles the old village head bands, except the kanji upon hers is the clan symbol for the Hyuuga.  Now normally she wears these cloths, but in a more relaxed enviroment unrelated to ninja life, she often wears beautiful flowing kimonos, generally in white and blacks, often emblazoned with stars and moons.  At times she has been known to wear a variety of other tunics and clothes depending on the occasion.

Basic History: At conception Shiva was born into one of the 8 pillar clans of the Hyuuga, the Fire Trigram.  Raised to be disciplined and respectful her parents took on the role of teachers for her as many do.  It was here that she learned the fundamentals of the gentle fist, and what it meant to be a hyuuga.  Unlike some of the xenophobic people of the clan, her parents taught her to accept others, which in the current state of the world was a bold way to live, and yet they made it work some how.  Her childhood mostly revolved around training, chores, and simply being a child.  She was able to keep her innocence, and make friends were as so many others were unable to receive these virtues.  Some may say that caused her to be weak, but that would be a misguided synopsis of her life.  No, instead Shiva has seen the beauty of peace and what it means to live in innocence, allowing her to make decisions that many could not.  The world is filled to the brim with senseless slayers, but Shiva is capable of forgiveness, allowing her to make alliances and connections with people that no one else could.

Growing up being a female, her father did tend to teach her traditional female roles.  However many of these were lost on her.  She was still a tomboy growing up, and didn't allow anyone to ever look down on her or see her as weak because of her gender.  Instead in her younger years she often punished the boys who believed they could take advantage of her. It was only after many scoldings that she finally learned to let the words of others break agaisnt her like waves to the rock, letting them move on.  From then on she was able to take any of these situations and make them into her own, using her words to contradict and change the minds of others.  She became a natural leader in a way with her charisma, however she wasn't one who ever wanted to be the leader.  Instead she preferred the role of the right hand.  Doing what needed done for the leader without actually being the leader.  Sure she liked to give advice, but that was as far as she would go without being prompted.  For the most part her childhood years were happy, and the place were she struck up many lasting friendships.  None so much so as with a girl from the Nara clan named Mary.  

As Shiva grew older, her skills in the art of the gentle fist also grew.  She had a surprising aptitude for them, even for a natural born Hyuuga of the main house.  Her greatest skill was her hand speed.  While most in the art of taijutsu could throw quick punches in succession, Shiva was capable of out performing them all.  Landing repeated strikes before anyone else had even begun the strike.  Her apptitude in this regard quickly earned her the title of 7 hands, because when she began a spar it would appear she fought with 7 appendages apart from 2.  She always took time to train with everyone, and assist those needing assistance, indeed she was practically a teacher herself.  She even would spend her free time training taijutsu to Mary Nara her friend from another clan.  Mary taught Shiva the hidden arts of the Nara clan, though she never could get the hang of them to ever make the worth using in a spar and in time she lost the ability to ever perform them.  Besides she had to keep it secret as the divulging of clan secrets was often punishable by death.  The innocence of the two girls kept them laughing at this instead of fearing it as they should.  

As she continued to mature through childhood, she was assigned the trigram of fire.  Though her family was but of middle authority, the discipline and respectful nature that they bestowed into Shiva aided in her ascent above what they ever could have been.  Indeed while still in childhood she had made her way to the top of the clan gaining her spot as the holder of the trigram of fire.  This was bestowed specifically to her for several reasons.  One was her own radiance she brought with her.  Her smile and friendliness as well as her warm disposition caused her to have a natural affinity for the trigram.  Not only did her natural affinity lead to this, but also her fighting style.  The fire trigram has always been associated with rapid movements, her title of the 7 hands only led her to be an even greater candidate for such an honor.  However these new honors brought with them new responsibilities and her time with her best friend became cut shorter and shorter as the time went by.

Her childhood came to an end in a blur of missions, duties, and training sessions.  Sticking true to her personality, one of her chief duties was the instructions and training of those younger than her.  Indeed she became a premier teacher and tutor to anyone who would ask her.  Often times it would lead to little rest for herself as she would take up tutoring almost immediately after returning from missions.  Others looked down on her, seeing her settle into the role of teacher as a weakness.  However once again they misjudged the sun.  The beautiful thing about the sun is that is makes those around it grow.  Her abilities to train those around her did nothing but strengthen the Hyuuga clan, and make them stronger for if they ever should be attacked.  A second benefit to teaching others is that she was always working to better herself.  Through demonstrations, or continuous sparring, hour for hour she was receiving more training sessions than anyone of her station.  

During this time she grew separated from her friend Mary who had duties of her own.  She longed for her friend and struck up a pin pall relationship with her.  Telling her of how her days went, and how her students were responding to her training methods.  She would share her unothodox training methods as well.  For a young boy who had no patience to wait, she made him go fishing.  She sat under a tree sipping tea for hours simply watching the boy sit and fish.  Though he moaned and complained at first, he eventually grew quite until a fish could be caught.  Over the next several days he caught many fish and was charged with explaining the purpose of the lesson, to which he simply responded "Patience".  She contimplated for awhile and then gave him words of advice.  "The simplest answer is usually true, but it is not always the one worth giving.  In your time here you did learn patience, but you learned more than that.  You learned the ability to know when to set the hook and when to wait to strike.  Remember that in battle.  Not every nudge is the time to pull, but instead only on the flaw filled bite of the enemy should you pull the rod.  Not only that, but you learned of what fish to keep and what to release.  When you have a foe at your mercy, remember that lesson.  Do they deserve to be released, or are they to be burned.  As the fish is cooked to nourish the body, the foe is put to flame to nourish the body of the clan to keep it strong.  Always know the difference young one, and you will be a great warrior."  The boy would go on to become a patient and wise adviser.  One who learned the ways of warm and justice from a small girl in a boat while fishing.

The second instance of unique training that Shiva gave a student was a young one who could not grasp the motions of the 64 palms or any of the gentle fists for that matter.  Taking her to the kitchens, she had the young girl study the menu and recipes, and threw her into the fray of kitchen life.  Cooking for the military she was forced to learn the menu and all the different ways to make food.  When finished with 2 weeks of this work and no other training she was confused with what she had accomplished.  Shiva once again had an answer.  "Child, you have learned to multitask in the middle of a chaotic enviroment.  In battle there are many demands of your attention and all must be met.  You learned different recipes for many meals, isn't this the same as the steps of martial arts.  You must keep your mind sharp, always know when and where to place the right more or ingredient to ensure you have your cake, and your able to eat it."  The girl who learned this became a teacher herself, and used the same method to teach younger students how to handle chaos in the midst of many demands.  

She continued to write many letters like this to her friend, but became dismayed when the responses became shorter and shorter, with less and less emotion in them.  Indeed it was as if she was writing to a different person after a time.  This became so worrying that she thought time to seek out her friend and discover the meaning.  To her surprise this was allowed.  Packing and leaving immediately she set out to find what was wrong with her friend determined to set it right.  Traveling on her own was of little concern to her, as her training had left her more than apt to take care of herself.  Along the way she experienced little problems and moved from inn to inn to the last known location of her friend.  It wasn't until she came to the town that she believed Mary to be livinign in that she discovered the cause of the letters absence of emotion, and the revelation that she had shamed herself.  

Arriving in the village a display of Uchiha banners could be seen, clearly marking the territory as their own.  Shiva witnessed many of the villagers dead, or being held in a make shift prison of burnt lumber.  The smell of burnt flesh accosted her nostrils as the wind blew up, the traditional element of the Uchiha seemed rampant in this place.  Luckily she had not been spotted, and she attempted to survey the area before she made any attack.  The Uchiha were the natural enemies of the Hyuuga, she knew that but she would rather not kill unless pushed.  As the day began to wane, she remained still in her hiding place, watching the soldiers of the Uchiha move back and forth seeming to interrogate the villagers. Indeed she had no reason why the Uchiha would move this far from their home area, and why this particular village would be a reason to.  Only when she saw her friend did comprehension dawn on why they had come here, and why it had been her own fault that this had happened.

The letters she had been sending must have been interupted and read by a spy.  By reading them they had gained the knowledge of her trainings and anything else she had put in the letters.  Every moment she had moved ink to paper came to her mind as it rattled for what else she had added.  The shame flooded her, the aura of disappointment palpable around her.  Not only that, but anger filled her body at the torture her friend had endured because she had messed up.  Her byakugan activated, she rushed from the bushes.  Blind rage filling her body.  This was and is the only outburst of her life, and it was the one that defined who she was and who she was going to be.

Rushing from her hiding place, the Uchiha who had been unlucky to have drawn gate duty that night died almost instantly.  7 punches struck out into his throat, one over each lung, heart, liver, and one between his eyes all before he could yell out.  However these were trained Uchiha, and she should have anticipated their training.  Though she had killed one man the other 4 quickly caught on to what was happening.  The great fireballs quickly came flying to her location.  Using her practiced skills in the gentle fist, she performed the technique in new way.  She used it to redirect the fire and sending it flying behind her.  Though, this left her hands burnt and quickly she lost feeling in them as she rushed forward to meet the remaining attackers head on.  Each dip and dive came with a penalty.  THough vitals were missed she soon found burns running maps across her back and front as she came into range on the attackers.  Ducking low she threw each strike to land with precision and to bring down her attackers.

Knees, elbows and joins cracked beneath the speed of her strikes, each one sealing the chakra away of the Uchiha.  The fire grew less hot in time, but the damage was done.  Severly battered and beaten, she attempted to make her way to help her friend.  Only to find that a fire ball that she herself had dodged caught Mary full in the torso.  Being restrained she had no hope of dodging and therefore had died because of the actions of Shiva.  She wept, her tears only adding to the burning feeling of the scars that criss crossed her body.  Finidg the house of a healer only after several hours of looking, she patched herself up the ebst she could, before setting the entire village to flame.  She released what survivors there were, but ordered them to leave.  Watching as the tiny hamlet fell apart.  A symbol of her failure to uphold the clan the way it deserved.

When she returned she never spoke of what had transpired, and instead hid her injuries.  Like the shame inside her, the wounds could be covered by her clothes, as the injuries to her pride were hidden by a smile.  These events led her to be what she was, and take the role of assistant more.  She works hard until one day that she will feel worthy of the ability to make clan wide decisions.  

As Shiva made her way into young adult hood, her past transgressions still weighed heavily on her mind.  She had been given a great honor at a young age of the fire trigram.  Never having truly taken this to heart, it was on a normal day that she sought the chance to fully prove worthy of this skill.  Heading out of Konohagakure, she made her way into the forests of the land of fire.  Long had this land held a natural affinity for the fire element, something that she sought to strengthen and add to her gentle fist style.  For several days, she backpacked and trudged through the land to search out the perfect training grounds.  It was during this venture that she discovered a clearing.  Inside this clearing was a field of wild flowers and nothing else.  A perfect circle it would seem.  Here she practiced her abilities in the gentle fist while the sun beat down on her back.  Each fist thrown held her hopes and dreams to strike down the Uchiha.  The memories of her friends death still weighed heavily on her mind.  As the day moved on, she felt the soreness throughout her body.  Her eyes strained from keeping the byakugan activated for so long, it finally went to its resting state and she sat upon the ground.

As she sat, she began focusing her chakra and seeking the natural fire affinity she knew that she possessed.  It all seemed to coincidental to not be fate.  She was bestowed with fire in her chakra, she lived in the land of fire, and her clan saw fit to bestow the trigram of fire as her responsibility.  As she focused she could feel her chakra twist and turn, as if an ocean inside of her, only this was an ocean of fire.  Eyes snapping open she felt the fire in her belly spreading towards the rest of her body.  It warmned her blood, and caused an invigorated feeling.  Leaping to her feat, she took the traditional stance of the gentle fist.  Byakugan reactivating, she pushed forward with her fists.  The speed at which she pushed was astronomical.  She could hardly keep up with her own eyes.  Making her way over to several of the trees located around the clearing, she took a stance to fight against the tree.  Once agiain she let out a barrage of 64 palms, and when the technique concluded the tree seemed to have scorch marks located on it.  As if her very punches had caused the wood to ignite.  

Wanting to find a greater challenge, she made her way to a large boulder.  Here would be the real test.  Her hands flew like licking flames sticking out.  The very air around her fists seemed to ignite at the speed, the friction of her chakra against the oxygen causing the chemical reaction.  Looking at her hands she noticed that they weren’t burned.  This technique she was performing was not one of ninjutsu, but instead of taijutsu mixing with the gentle fist style.  In this way she trained throughout the night.  The Fire trigram was being forged under her sweat and determination.  In the end it took her 2 weeks to be satisfied with her work.  The fire trigram style was one that became unique to her as she was its creator.  She took the attributes of what it was meant to mean, and breathed life into them to live in this world.    Making her way back to the village, she was proud to present her success to the clan leader in time.  No doubt he would enjoy seeing her progress.

Shiva continued her duties among the Hyuuga clan as the days went on.  She had gained some recognition among the clan, but still sought to fight harder.  She was an interesting combination of power house and wall flower.  As if everyone knew she could defeat some of the strongest among the clan, and yet felt comfortable to chit chat and have a cup of tea with her.  Many times on her days off she could be found at the local tea house giving lectures to students on war time strategies, among the history of the clan.  It was on one such day as these she was sought out by an elder of the village.  He was a man who Shiva had seen many times, but had only ever smiled at, not ever spoken to.  He listened as she lectured to the students, and when she had finished he approached her.  Sitting at the table she sat at, he ordered her another drink, and began to speak “Nice lecture my dear, but history is often obscured by the victors.  One must not forget that.”  She gazed at him thinking on his words before thinking.  Her words would come out light and airy, but her eyes were serious.

“A fact all must remember to remain true indeed.  I ask you this though.  If falsehoods breed heroes, then were they not as worthwhile as the truth?”  Her response seemed to intrigue the man, as he began smiling reaveling yellowing teeth, well what teeth he had left.  “Exactly the kind of answer I had hoped for.  My name is Lyro, and I would like to teach you something that I think you can take to the next level.”  He abruptly stood, and grabbed his cain.  Leading her out of the tea shop.  Shiva merely sat for a little while confused by his actions, but in the end stood and followed him.  Perhaps he did indeed know something she did not, and could teach her something.  Finding him on the outskirts of the village he led her into a shambled shack.  As soon as she entered a whistling sound could be heard.  As soon as it hit her ears, the world went dark only to brighten again in a bright field.  She turned and could feel the sun on her skin, only to be snapped back out of it as soon as it had happened.  Only when her eyes saw the real world clearly a fair amount of time had passed.

“Genjutsu is a unique skill, often shunned by the Hyuga.  They seek to answer their problems with their fists, which is effective, but what of those who seek to combine subtlety and brute force.  I think you will listen to me were others have not.”  Shaking her head she looked at him and gave a nod of agreement.  Standing she bowed respectfully to the old man.  He clearly had knowledge that she did not, and because of that he had earned her respect.  The next couple of days involved their training together.  The man taught her the basis of genjutsu, and how it affected the chakra system in a different way.  Feeding the body illusions that were not truly there.  He told her of his theories and how he believed someone with the gentle fist had the opportunity to take genjutsu to a new level by injecting genjutsu with their fists as they closed the tenkatsu.  It was a hard fought battle, but his complex theories slowly made their way into her brain.  It had indeed been awhile since she played the role of student and not master.

She continued to train with the old man for several months.  It was an ongoing experiment that she worked on.  Unfortunately for her the old man died of natural causes, she discovered his body one morning on her way to training.  After the funeral she discovered he had no family, and was not known to many in the village.  Disappointed she took control of his assets and saw them distributed to assist the village in the best way possible.  Reading his works on the combination technique of genjutsu and gentle fist she continued to work with it even after his passing.  The main was the combination with fire trigram style of the gentle fist.  The increased speed of the punches allowed her to inject more chakra into targets, thus increasing the power of the genjtusu used.  As she worked more though, it became apparent that one problem was arising with this style of attack.  She would have to be up close and personal to use it.  Because of this she discovered another use.  Hearing of visual genjutsu, she sought to infuse this genjutsu into the flames that her fists could cause when moving at blurring speeds.  

In the end, it wasn’t something she has perfected yet, but she continues to train.  Perhaps in time this unique combination will be something she can pass down to the other hyuuga of the clan making them stronger.

At the age of 17, Shiva’s father died.  He died of natural causes most likely a heart attack in his sleep.  The mourning process was brought to a close rather swiftly however, due to this causing Shiva to be the head of the Fire trigram branch of the Hyuuga clan.  Her father had no other children so it fell to her by default.  She received the traditional tattoos of the fire trigram up her rib cage on the left side.  It was placed there by her bequest, so that that it would be near her heart and she would never lose faith in the foundations of the clan.  As the now lead of this pillar of the Hyuuga clan, she was no longer just a clan adviser but now a leader.  This was not in her normal nature, but when votes for the clan became necessary she would work to make sure her branch of the family was well represented.  Her fiery passion for peace was often one that was seldom heard in the ninja world, however she continued her campaign for the extinction of the Uchiha clan.  Still believing them beyond salvation, and to power hungry to ever live in a peaceful world.  

During her time as leader of this branch she began to comb through her fathers possessions, and see what secrets he had kept from her.  In the end, there was not much to see, and she was disappointed that her father had not been as powerful of a shinobi as she once believed.  In truth she had surpassed him while still in her youth, and now it was up to her to distinguish her branch and give it the respect that it deserves.  Continuing her training, she was determined to become the most powerful branch head that there had ever been.  She was loyal to the clan head, and saw it as her duty to surpass him in strength.  Not to over throw him, but to ensure his protection in the event of an attack.  Having developed her branches signature style, surpassed her parentage, and made her way as a clan advisor the only thing left for her to accomplish was the victory of the Hyuuga on the battlefield.

During the present day, Shiva continued to ascend the ranks of Hyuuga politics.  She now works as a clan adviser, who continues to train the youth in her spare time.  Her missions have taken a small hit as she has more political workings to fill her time in the home nation of the Hyuuga.  She seeks the permission of the clan head to work as a diplomat to secure alliances and treaties with the other nations and clans of the world.  Her attitude has never changed despite the failing that still haunts her, she hides it with a beutfiul smile, though one thing did change.  All clans are equal in her moon eyes, except for the red of the Uchiha.  The one group that has exited the planes of her forgiveness.  She whispers for their extinction in secret, never in such direct methods but instead in tiny advices.  There can be no peace while the Uchiha inhabit the world, and each day that they exist is a day that brings them closer to war.  It is only a matter of who strikes first in her mind.

Now though with the appointment of clan adviser, she does get some small amount of free time.  In this time she has developed her own specific stlyle of the gentle fists, coming from her appointment of the Fire trigram.  Only time will tell how powerful she will make it, but Shiva of the 7 hands will be a force to deal with the day the Hyuuga and the Uchiha finally march on the open battlefield.  For blood, for honor, for peace Shiva will strike upon them unto her last, or until peace will finally have the world.

Personality:  Shiva is generally a rather soft spoken individual.  She is not one to take the lead in missions, and does best as a general field soldier or assistant.  This is due to her natural personality to respect authority.  She sees the clan head and those above her station as deserving only but the utmost respect and gives them such.  As to those below her she will often converse and train with them.  Shiva is the pinnacle of a teammate only seeking to strengthen the entire group, not only herself.  When asked her opinion however, she will not hold back and speak her mind.  This is also because she respects her superiors, and to show them that respect she doesn't see it as appropriate to hold back information that could potentially assist those whose duties are to make the decisions for the clan.  

In the heat of battle, she adopts a serious look, that many would probably laugh at.  The slender form of her body, and the child like appearance of her face leaves any serious look to seem more cute than menacing.  However this would be a mistake that more than one has made.  Her personality is to lean towards mercy unless the kill has to be made, however first and foremost she is a soldier in the Hyuuga army.  If ordered to strike without mercy, then that is how she will strike.  She keeps her cool in the thick of battle due to her continued training in the arts of taijutsu.  Because of this intensive training being surrounded by enemies and have the jaws of death thrust in her face, it far from concerns her to be surrounded.  When fighting at range, she is a bit more nervous, because this is outside of her comfort zone.  

She is normally a very accepting individual of the other clans of the world.  She believes that others cannot choose the conditions of their birth and therefore cannot be blamed for it.  The only exception are those born under the banner of the Uchiha.  Because of her history, she cannot forgive their race, or their customs.  The other races of the world however she has no problem with.  Often times she is an ideal choice for a political diplomat, related to her very respective nature, and her true disposition to giving others outside of her clan the benefit of the doubt.

Her personality leads her to particularly good with children and academy students, leading them up in the ways of the hyuuga.  Training them in the art of the gentle fist, and showing them what true strength means.  She teaches those under her tutelage that true strength isn't always the power to deliver the killing blow, but at times knowing when to hold back.  Often times she teaches others through unconventional means, such as having them cook or go fishing.  The lessons become apparent only after time, and are never transparent.

Shiva can be seen as a natural flirt, though most of the time none of it would ever lead to anything.  instead it is just how she interacts with others.  Often times she is as likely to flirt with the men around her as the females.  Quick with a compliment, she sees that her allies self-esteem is bolstered.  This process of meeting many friends and keeping people loyal to her, increases her odds to ever ascend in the political scheme if she ever choose to use them.

While she performs best in the role of an assistant, due to the worlds state, sometimes it is required for her to take the lead on missions or on strategy.  When forced to be a leader, she places the mantle proudly on her head, and sees that honor is brought to the clan.  When her subordinates make mistakes she holds them accountable, but also does not scrutinize them to the point of shame.  Instead until the mission is over she will react however it takes to get them to perform to the best of their abilities.  With all that being said, she is not afraid to cut someone loose once the mission is over.  Removing them from her team, and subsequently her life.  As with the respect she gives, she expects it in return.  Once outside of her good books, it will be nearly impossible to return inside them.  It takes a lot for it to happen but it has in the past......

While she is a happy individual the flaws in her character peak through as they do in everyone.  She has a radiance about her, but because of that she is trusting and can take many people in.  This allows for the possibility that someone may try to take advantage of her kindness.

Goals/Aims/Dreams: Become Hokage, genocide all the Uchiha, rekk nubs

Ninja Rank: Genin (Though if possible I would like higher)
Main Element(s): Fire
Ninja Village: Konoha
----- OOC INFO -----

Link to previous character(s) (if any): N/A
Preferred contact method and details: N/A
I have read, understood and agree to abide by the rules of this site: yes
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Shiva Hyuuga
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